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    We encountered corruption
    by Larry De Palma - Friday, 23 December 2016, 2:19 PM

    We find...

    We've uncovered a situation of egregious government corruption.

    The results of a co-sponosored investigation of a financial fraud conspiracy dating back to 1981 are in: We are happy to present "Mr. H's Confession": a former DOJ employee who found ...

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    Card University 2017 Edition $399
    by Larry De Palma - Wednesday, 14 December 2016, 5:06 PM

    Three two-hour online conferences

    Available courses

    Cards are ever-changing. EMV, the harbinger of "Chip and Pin" seems to be "without PIN". Recently introduced legislation may work to repeal parts of Dodd-Frank, paving the way to more card profits and happier financial institutions. Without a doubt, this three-part six-hour web learn provides the best forum to keep abreast of the complexities in card payment systems.

    This session covers the most important topics:

    • A Failing EMV from all perspectives - Point of Sale, Issuing Bank, ATM and merchant processor services
    • Durbin revisited - can it be repealed - the answer is YES: enter HR 5983 Financial Choice Act
    • ANTITRUST, ANTITRUST, ANTITRUST: Is there a future action in Amex's Bluebird and Serve cards? We say Yes.
    • Goodbye to PIN Debit on the Web, Hello NEW 3-D Secure
    • The true costs of a data breach

    Part One - Cards Intensive covers the following topics:

    • The four characteristics of a payments system: Authorization, Clearing, Settlement and Finality
    • The Players in the Eco-System and their roles and responsibilities
    • Examination of Products, including:
      • Credit
      • Debit / Prepaid
      • Private Label
      • Commercial/Purchasing
      • Preferred/Rewards
      • PayPal / Wallets
    • Operations and Processing
      • Aligning the card system with the characteristics
      • Card authorizations and channels: e-Commerce, MOTO, Brick/Mortar, m-Commerce
      • Host Capture | Terminal Capture
      • Settlement, Interchange and Funding
      • Chargeback/Disputes | Regulation E | Regulation Z
      • Pricing: an overview of how interchange and fees are calculated and how downgrades could occur
      • Merchant underwriting and risk management

    Part Two - Regulatory and Legal Discussions includes the following topics:

    • Chargebacks and the 'tennis match' of disputes
      • FINANCIAL INSTITUTIONS take note: how to properly qualify a Visa/MasterCard dispute from your customer
      • Compliance issues - anything that isn't a formal chargeback could fall into this 'all encompassing' form of network penalty
    • Why In re: Payment Card Interchange REALLY failed
    • CFPB prepaid rules changes on the horizon
    • Durbin discussion: Direct carrier billing on mobile devices subject to 'Regulated financial institution rules' and interchange governance?
    • AMERICAN EXPRESS AT RISK: "You're a bank, you're a Clayton problem and you're partnering with unlicensed entities"
    • American Express and Plenti - the economics of expensive interchange funding questionable rewards programs

    Part Three: Advanced Topics and International includes the following topics:

    • Russia's Mir Card and its architected inoperability with United States card systems - what do Russians use at American merchants?
    • Is Dynamic Currency Conversion (DCC) out and multi-currency processing / bank management in?
    • A discussion of gift cards and loyalty cards in the mobile wallet era
    • Gift cards and "off balance sheet" issues
    • The new 3-D Secure - online fraud mitigation revisited
    • "Emergency NSF cards" when your customer opted-out
    • Multi-merchant loyalty and gift programs

     A sizeable and relatively untapped source of revenue for your FI or your payments processing company:

    Chapter 13 reorganization, for the wage-earner results in a debtor/trustee relationship that includes

    • One or many monthly payments into the trustee's operation and potentially many outgoing creditor payments.
    • The business is very paper-intensive and archaic at best.
    •  Opportunity for new entrants in the financial industry abounds, whether bank, payment processing company, online banking provider or even technology provider.

    What about you, the creditor? How to evaluate the consumer bankruptcy Chapter 13 trustee as a 'trading partner' and promote efficiency.  You are a:

    • Mortgage servicer
    • Auto loan servicing
    • Finance company (GECC, store credit cards)
    • Credit card issuer
    • Government agency

    The session includes:

    • Compelling metrics about the Chapter 13 trustee (cash management) business
    • Chapter 7 differences - and still and opportunity
    • The roles and responsibilities of each player in the ecosystem - debtor, creditor, trustee, judge and attorney
    • The regulatory framework and addressing Regulation E concerns
    • Payment inflows - 'debtor pay' or 'garnishment'
    • Payment outflows - check and OH MY GOD HOW MANY REMITS ARE ON THIS DOCUMENT!
    • A thought-provoking set of discussions on how to develop solutions for the trustee's cash management business needs and the debtor's options for payments (including alternative payments)

    This two-hour webinar/e-learning course provides participants with a solid foundation of the extensive, ever-changing world of alternative payments (it's no longer about credit or debit anymore, folks...) We cover a myriad of US and global payments methods!

    We will examine some established and emerging players in the alternative payments space, and examine the various risks and opportunities these alternative payments pose to the financial institution and payments processor.

    The session discusses product functionality, exception handling, integration, user-and-merchant friendliness, and pricing.

    The session includes:

    • e-Commerce metrics and other essential background information
    • The 'bucket' concept - each payment method is segmented/grouped into buckets
    • The "Wallet" bucket, including PayPal, Google and Dwolla
    • The "Unbanked" bucket, including GreenDot, ZipZap
    • The "Credit" bucket, including BillMeLater, Affirm
    • The "PassThroughs" including Amazon Payments
    • P2P / Bank-centric payments, including clearXchange, PayNet, PopMoney and Serve
    • An introduction to the Chinese Payment Ecosystem


    This 90-minute information-rich session covers:

    • Is it "First Amendment" or stupidity:  the risk of the unintelligent on social media, what it means to your business continuity and how to stop them
      • Does Faceboook pose a problem to your financial operation?
    • How important is Duke Energy to your financial institution?  A surprising and eye-opening revelation
    • How the Department of Energy is too involved in the future of your data and risk mitigation efforts
    • Backing up in an iPhone/iTunes/iPad environment: where is the app and where is the data?
    • Where's the 'secure element' in a mobile device
    • "What if" all mobile phones could be replicated in China and your customers banking information hijacked?
    • Which desktop operating system poses the most risk to your mobile strategies?
    • The immediate need to have a 'backup' operation to recover apps within your financial institution
    • Questions to ask your mobile banking and payments provider

    This two-hour thought-provoking webinar discusses the $3 Billion medical marijuana industry and provides a comprehensive discussion platform on providing immediate methods to service it legally.

    Participants in this session will gain core knowledge of in the following topics:

    • The key players in the ecosystem and the identified banking and payments needs
      • Dispensaries
        • Servicing receipts: retail sales, cash storage/intelligent safes, alternative payments including PayPal and others, and merchant acccount regs
        • Servicing disbursements: PayPal mass payments or clearXchange how taxes could be paid to EFTPS via prepaid debit, accommodating cost of goods sold transactions
      • Farms / Growers
        • Casual payroll: prepaid cards such as PayPal, GreenDot, clearXchange and cash alterrnatives
        • Taxes: cash-to-prepaid-to-Official-Payments-Corporation-to-California example
        • Financing tools: leasing, crowdfunding, etc.
      • Servicers/Adjunct parties
        • Escrow payment services (letter of credit / banker's acceptances)
        • e-Deposit services
      • Insurance considerations
        • Are participants underwritten based on a risk profile of 'excessive' amounts of cash-on-hand'?

    • Over-the-top innovations 
      • The lucrative business of ATM sponsorship and dispensary placement and... Wow: The ATM withdrawal loophole from HSA debit cards
      • Intelligent safes and cash drawer management and disbursement management
      • Multi-merchant/shared stored value/gift  cards
      • Opportunities for Bitcoin
    • Overview of current regulatory framework
      • Controlled Substances Act
      • Cole Memo
      • FINCEN guidance
      • BSA/AML/KYC and Marijuana SARs
      • FDIC and credit union insurance regs
    This session is cutting-edge and thought provoking. Students will gain understand of the predominant drivers of FEMA's disaster preparation and recovery programs. These programs are focused around core components of having financial tools and systems available to victims of hazards.
    Overview of disaster types and characteristics:
    • Natural disasterrs
    • Technological / Accidental
    • Terrorist
    • Pandemic
    • Home fires

    The financial issues that arise during any hazard:

    • Shelter and lack of access to banking services, and how to develop your bank from the competition in a time of disaster
      • "Mobile branches and customer access PCs from [your bank here]..."
      • "Mobile device powering stations from..."
    • Evacuation and "bank-branding" of:
      • Family Emergency Plans
      • Emergency Supply Kits
      • Family Communication Plans
      • Emergency Financial First Aid Kits
      • White-labeled cloud-based storage
    • Continuity of Operations, including:
      • Identifying essential functions of your business or customer businesses
      • 'Hurricane-proof' merchant processing solutions that can be offered to your FI customers
      • "Essential Employer" tools - iPad payroll, accounting, work-at-home, backup ACH processing, lines of credit access online.
      • "[Bank name] prepaid satellite data" prepaid satellite data plans; customers stay connected and can remain active bank system users

    An overview of common and innovative financial products for consideration:

    • Prepaid debit cards and challenges
    • Government Convenience checks
    • Remote check capture
    • Shared ATM/Deposit networks
    • Retirement plans with redemptions to temporary home purchases
    • Bitcoin for disaster recovery?

    This ninety-minute thought provoking webinar discusses the potential (and necessity) of creating content for the new paradigm of Windows m-Commerce, box-Commerce world. 

    Participants in this session will gain core knowledge of in the following topics:

    • The Business Drivers for Windows, Tablet and Console:
      • Key metrics and statistics in the console gaming market
      • The disappointment of Windows 8.1 Mobile - at least in metrics
      • Is there a covert "All Windows All the Time" strategy?
      • Big box to handset, and iPad's burgeoning competitor
    • The Business of Console Gaming: Beyond the Game
      • The "Kinect" Opportunity for Financial Services, Healthcare and Customer Engagement
      • In-game placement - your bank, your logo, your product designed and embedded into the playing space
      • Real world examples and how to build your own
    • Windows 10.1 for Desktop and Mobile/Tablet
      • Why: real world examples of PayPal, Bank of America
      • How to stay competitive - develop now or lose customers in the several affluent demographics