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    Card University 2017 Edition $399
    by Larry De Palma - Saturday, 20 May 2017, 1:57 PM


    Card University 2017

    Three Sessions
    June 1 | 8 | 15 (Thursdays)
    1:30 - 3:00PM
    Extended learning system!

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    Cards are ever-changing. EMV, the harbinger of "Chip and Pin" seems to be "without PIN". Recently introduced legislation may work to repeal parts of Dodd-Frank, paving the way to more card profits and happier financial institutions. Without a doubt, this three-part six-hour web learn provides the best forum to keep abreast of the complexities in card payment systems.

    This session covers the most important topics:

    • A Failing EMV from all perspectives - Point of Sale, Issuing Bank, ATM and merchant processor services
    • Durbin revisited - can it be repealed - the answer is YES: enter HR 5983 Financial Choice Act
    • ANTITRUST, ANTITRUST, ANTITRUST: Is there a future action in Amex's Bluebird and Serve cards? We say Yes.
    • Goodbye to PIN Debit on the Web, Hello NEW 3-D Secure
    • The true costs of a data breach

    Part One - Cards Intensive covers the following topics:

    • The four characteristics of a payments system: Authorization, Clearing, Settlement and Finality
    • The Players in the Eco-System and their roles and responsibilities
    • Examination of Products, including:
      • Credit
      • Debit / Prepaid
      • Private Label
      • Commercial/Purchasing
      • Preferred/Rewards
      • PayPal / Wallets
    • Operations and Processing
      • Aligning the card system with the characteristics
      • Card authorizations and channels: e-Commerce, MOTO, Brick/Mortar, m-Commerce
      • Host Capture | Terminal Capture
      • Settlement, Interchange and Funding
      • Chargeback/Disputes | Regulation E | Regulation Z
      • Pricing: an overview of how interchange and fees are calculated and how downgrades could occur
      • Merchant underwriting and risk management

    Part Two - Regulatory and Legal Discussions includes the following topics:

    • Chargebacks and the 'tennis match' of disputes
      • FINANCIAL INSTITUTIONS take note: how to properly qualify a Visa/MasterCard dispute from your customer
      • Compliance issues - anything that isn't a formal chargeback could fall into this 'all encompassing' form of network penalty
    • Why In re: Payment Card Interchange REALLY failed
    • CFPB prepaid rules changes on the horizon
    • Durbin discussion: Direct carrier billing on mobile devices subject to 'Regulated financial institution rules' and interchange governance?
    • AMERICAN EXPRESS AT RISK: "You're a bank, you're a Clayton problem and you're partnering with unlicensed entities"
    • American Express and Plenti - the economics of expensive interchange funding questionable rewards programs

    Part Three: Advanced Topics and International includes the following topics:

    • Russia's Mir Card and its architected inoperability with United States card systems - what do Russians use at American merchants?
    • Is Dynamic Currency Conversion (DCC) out and multi-currency processing / bank management in?
    • A discussion of gift cards and loyalty cards in the mobile wallet era
    • Gift cards and "off balance sheet" issues
    • The new 3-D Secure - online fraud mitigation revisited
    • "Emergency NSF cards" when your customer opted-out
    • Multi-merchant loyalty and gift programs